Introduction To Self-Employment

Creating Self-Determination In The New Age | taught by Chester Starks Jr.

Course description

Learn the basics of items, action steps and mindset that's needed to starting your own business beyond being a sole proprietor.

Chester Starks Jr.
Chester Starks Jr.

Chester graduated with a B.A. in English from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He then earned his Masters in Education for Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Vermont. He has run the gamut of education as a tutor, mentor, teacher, principal and assistant superintendent He has worked in urban and rural settings as well as within traditional public and charter schools. He also has experience in Ghana, West Africa. Chester is an educator that works to empower students of all ages to accomplish academic and life goals.

In Chester's own words, "I work to empower students of all ages to accomplish their academic and life goals. In order to best accomplish, I started working for myself as an entreprenuer. After 10 years of working for myself, I now have clients that range from college professors, attorneys, military veterans and former White House administrators! Empowering others also empowers me, which is a beautiful thing."